Friday, December 26, 2008

Gorgoeus Gowns

Stardoll has released some fabulous new gowns. They are personally some of my favorite dresses in the shops. I think these have been the best clothes Stardoll has released in a long time. They released a different dress for every Stardoll store. As well as the gorgeous dresses the also released some amazing accesories. There are dresses for every ones style. My personal favorites are probably the Folk and Stardoll ones. Let us know what you think.

-Tess (Pinkpolkadottie)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to the newly-redesigned SD-Trends!
The newly redefined blog on this site dedicated to the styles, fashions, trends & happenings of
We are starting off fresh with new posts, new writers, new layout and MUCH more!
SD-Trends is a one of a kind blog. Posts from around the stardoll globe will show up here for your reading pleasure.
We not only will feature some of stardoll’s greatest, but also some of stardoll’s undiscovered. Everyone deserves a new chance.
This club/blog will officially be holding competitions regularly. Possibly every month, so stay tuned.
The new SD-Trends will officially open on December 27 (hopefully).
We will plan a huge party for its re-opening.
All the more reason to get involved with SD-Trends.
So again, Please keep reading and following (Or follow us if you aren’t already) and give us the support.
Check back in a few weeks!
So, Happy Holiday’s everyone!
- SD-Trends Staff,
Melody, Tess & Bailey.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Free, Fabulous and Fierce;

Yesterday I very fourtunate to catch the " Cartoon" scenery Items on sale. Unfourtunatley they are no longer there. I hope you got them while you had the chance. (:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello everyone, Does anyone want a free SS Membership?Just Copy and paste this link into your address bar.:
All you do is create an account at this site and surf ads each day to earn money.Click one add, Let it count down from 30, then close that window and open another. Click every ad each day till you earn 10 dollars, Then transfer the money to a paypal account (IF you don't have one make one) then use the paypal to buy superstar. IT"S ABSOLUTLEY FREE!
Any questions just ask. (:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Project Runway on Stardoll !

Project Runway is coming to stardoll hosted by Mario(dodence_bt), Kasia(UndamyUmbrellla), Model-Selena, and Vnvi. Its sure to be one of the biggest stardoll events yet. You can sign up to be a model or designer for this major competition. If you want to be apart of this you should sign up right now for your spot. I have already put in my request to be a model for one of the great designers and I hope I get accepted. One of the best things about the contest is the prizes. If you are the winning designer you will receive a prepaid stardoll gift card. The prize for that designer's model is the cover of Teen Style.

For more information check out PerezHiltonOfStardoll.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Limited Edition

I really hate that they brought this store to Stardoll. Since they are all going to be rare items and are going to sell out it makes you want to buy them. I wasted my money on a pair of shoes for 150 stardollars. I did not like them much they were just the only thing left so I bought them. I am glad everything else was sold out already because then I would have just bought more. I couldn't help myself. The prices on this Limited Edition store are ridiculous. There are only a certain amount of each item so whoever comes first gets them.

-Tess (Pinkpolkadottie)

Friday, December 5, 2008


Today in some clubs I tried to post comments and I received this message.
When I go back and do it a second time me post goes through. I can't wait to see what they're doing new now.

What are they updating ?

Hopefully its the new Hair Design shop.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


AHH! it is finally here the
Now we can sell furniture! Aaahhhh!

I feel like getting up and dancing around the room!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcoming Baileygirl1212 too SD-trends

Please give a warm welcome to the newest writer for SD-Trends, Baileygirl1212!

We are so happy to have you as a writer Bailey! :D

We can not wait to read your post's and learn more about you!

-SD-Trends Staff

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Room

Stardoll has added a new room to all superstar suites. Now there is a total of eleven rooms for superstars. I was happy about it since all my rooms were full. I have already decorated mine, but now I can go for a few more rooms since it's so fun decorating. Others might find it silly that they have added more rooms but there is nothing to lose so why not?


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sorry for the lame title, But guess what, Stardoll has released some new bra's. Each skin tone has a bra and each is 1 stardollar each. :) Cheap huh? Here is an image of the bra's. Head to the starplaza and get your's today! :P

You can find these bra's on page 6 of the "stardoll" shop.

-Melody (OoActingoO)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recruiting. :)

Yes that is right, SD-trends is now Recruiting for two new writers! I'm looking for two stardollians who are trustworthy, Fun, Kind, have fantastic writing skills, and most importantly, are commited to the blog. :)

To be elagible for one of these two positions please fill out this form:

Stardoll username:
Favourite part of stardoll:
Are you committed?:
Any past expiriences in blogs:

Thank you all! Bye!

New DKNY on the Way

In the Star plaza the third collection of DKNY is going on sale. When there is a sale on something afterwards it goes out of the Star plaza. So I am predicting that there will be a new collection of DKNY sometime soon. The sale price is great all the DKNY is half of. I usually wait until the DKNY goes on sale to get most of it. So now is the perfect time to stalk up on your DKNY hurry before it leave the Star plaza. Any predictions on the next season of DKNY?


Thursday, November 20, 2008


There is a new store in the plaza called Philosophy. The store is a real brand by Alberta Ferretti. I like most of the clothes, though they are not my favorite. The prices are extremely high, 28 dollars for a dress. My favorite peice are probally the shoes which are all 12 dollars. The whole collection costs a total of 398 stardollars with only 27 items. Yea, I think I will wait until they go on sale before I buy some of them.

-Tess (Pinkpolkadottie)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Malina Joseph

It seems that Stardoll has changed the Malina Joseph doll. I actually liked her doll better before. If I am not mistaken I think they may have added some new clothing items too. Is there a reason they changed her? I know they changed the Mary-Kate doll during the competition. What is your opinion on the change?

-Tess (Pinkpolkadottie)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

who wore it best?

Who do you think wore the scarf best ? ( click image to make larger )

...I personally can't decide. I love them all. love.maggie

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ahh! So happy.

No big deal here but I was thrilled to see

that the one, the only fakeshake3

had visited my page! :) That is all,

Great new posts comming your way!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tyler & Skylie Live chat. :)

Recently Tyler ( Tylerisbomb )and his Skylie did a video chat. Users from all over stardoll were able to ask them questions and receive live answers.
Tyler and Skylie were very efficient on answering questions right away. I think it is just so fantastic that the two of them were able to communicate with us and awnser our burning questions.
To see this chat visit:
Thanks for personally recognizing me during your chat Tyler :)
Best wishes,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rocking the Leather. :)

Whilst browsing stardoll I found a few users who were sporting the classic " leather jacket" look.
These ladies are certainly working this fall trend:

From Left:

Babuci1992, Elis1985, Friend94, Verojun.

What do you think? Who wore it best?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There is a new store in the Star plaza! Bisou, the new store, has some really cute clothes. Berets, suspenders, and cute dresses. My favorite item is probably the boyfriend jacket. It includes some clothes from these designers: See by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Ronson and Luella. Besides that some of the clothing was rather bland. I wasn't sure what Bisou meant or if it meant something so I looked it up, and I am pretty sure it means kiss. The prices are fairly cheap and none of it is Superstar, so go have a look and tell us what you think.

-Tess (Pinpolkadottie)

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Closet. :(

I personally hate the " New" Closets...It makes my suite move INCREDIBLY SLOW! Grr.

Each is of the closets open, and closed.
Her are a few images:

What is your oppinion?


Or Not?

Ways to attract attention

If you feel as if you're hidden from all the members on stardoll, I've found that these are some tips to attracting members :

1. appearence- clean look, something that makes it creative, has your personality in it.

2. profile page - don't use too many colours/fonts ( makes it confusing to readers) and make it short and sweet, save your autobiography for the friends.

3. suite- if you dont have the $$$ to make something extravegant and eye catching, try to at least fill up the space, and have a few outfits so everone can get to know your style.

4. Always try to give them something to remember you by.

5. These are all things that people see as soon as they come to your page, so make sure it's all neat, organized, and reveals a BIT of you. - Maggie.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


There is now a new store in the star plaza. It is called Decades. It has some clothes from the 20's and 30's. They are from the dolls Coco Chanel, Decades, and Rosa Parks. I really like the new clothes, am a big fan of retro fashion. Hopefully they will come out with some 60's or 80's clothes soon. Most of the clothes are superstar but there is a few items and accessories you can get non-superstar. Make sure to check it out!

- Tess(Pinkpolkadottie)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hello fantastic readers and members of SD-Trends. We are having a HALLOWEEN COMPETITION! You can sign up in the club, SD-Trends, owned by myself ( OoActingoO ).
The competition will begin tomorrow ( The 30th) So be sure to sign up before then.
Now, Im sure you'd all like to know what this is all about; Well when I get about 5-10 people who sign up I will post a series of pictures on the blog, the pictures will be of medoll dressed up as T.V charaters & Cartoons. The first person to come to me or one of the writers/managers with a correct guess of who each image is supose to represent.

So, Be sure to sign up if you are interested. :) The contest with begin soon.

Winner will recieve: 2 Gifts of their choice and will be featured in the blog.

- Melody ( OoActingoO )

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey make sure to check out my latest club called .FashionIcons. I just made it, and would really like some more members. There is manager positions open, and competitions going on. I will pick fashion icon of the week soon so make sure your there to enter. We talk about some really cool things like the newest fashion and our favorite fashion icons. Thanks


Stardesign Interior!

There is now a interior design studio you can go to in the Starplaza. All you do is go to stardesign and at the bottom of the page there is a tiny little arrow if you click there, it will bring you to it. It is great you can now make furniture to match anything. It is fairly cheap too, there are pillows, curtains, couches, rugs, and picture frames only for 5 stardollars. Go check it out and start designing.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fashionista on the loose

Just scanning through `dolls on stardoll, I came across this gorgeous doll. I think her style is totally creative, and to be honest, from the people I've seen have the same hairstyle as hers, she's the first one I've seen to really rock it.

ALSO : something to think about is her lip shade she has on, if you go to her page, you can get a better look, but it appears pretty popular through the dolls I've been to recently.

Check her out ! ( and click picture to enlarge. ) - Maggie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Look

Most of you have seen the new competition for the New Looks Generation dress up competition. I saw this dress, worn by some memebers on Stardoll, but it was not new in the shops yet. Than I figured it must have been for the competition and that was what the winners had gotten. So I just went on, but then as I was searching through the dresses in the shops I saw this one. It has not came out in the new section yet, but if you search it will be under pink dresses in the Starplaza. I really like this dress, so now you can go pick it up in the Starplaza. It is hotbuys too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did Anyone Else Get this?

I was very surprised to click on my suite and find a number of gifts waiting for me...Did any one else recieve a " Pirate" costume for stardoll?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Commenting? That's new

I have personally commented in Singingmermaids guest book a lot of times, Not once have I gotten a reply. Is it because it was regarding a sale....or because guest book flow is slower than usual...:

[ Click to enlarge ]


Just... 'cause.

This is getting kinda comman recently.
But I just wanted to share that Milly and Becky came to my friends, and I'm sorta excited. I wish more celebraties did this, even callie, but its great that these are.

( click to enlarge)

worth your saving up

Horra for the "pink" month.
Just giving a bit of an addition to what tess wrote about the organization stardoll is helping out with. And it's soooo worth it ! I'm sure we can admit we've bought something on stardoll that's just a bunch of randomness, but buying one of the following items is totally worth it. Even if you onlu get the small ribbon for $2, you know you're helping with the cause.

Here are the things you can purchase, hurry and get them quick because october's almost over, and you don't wanna miss out on these great clothes, or this great organization! // Maggie.

( click to enlarge )

Pink for October

In the shop they added a new store called Pink for October. It is sponsoring October breast cancer awareness month. I think it is great that Stardoll is supporting this cause. If you click on the pink ribbon located in the shop it will bring you to a website where you can help support breast cancer. Not only is it supporting a good cause but they have some cute clothes. Make sure to stop by and take a look.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stardoll Screw-up

I just now noticed that the shape of some me-dolls head has shown up weird. It looks like it is all joined together at their neck. I saw the covergirl for Oct. 20 had that problem but when I clicked on the doll it did not show up like that. Has Stardoll screwed up again?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

-NEW` [ Scenery Addition ]

Stardoll has gone and changed the

format for creating sceneries! :]

I personally love the new-ness Of it.

It's so much easier to use.

PLUS you can now ROTATE things!

How fun is that? lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008

can you see the catwalk ?

When I'm bored on stardoll, I often tend to go and vote for things :
-rate people for cg
-rate some designs
-rate some catwalk designs.

And the catwalk design is what I spent my time on. I almost forgot about the feature, considering 75% of the dolls, are wearing something... odd in my opinion, or just aren't wearing anything at all. The thing that bothers me most, is that the dolls that aren't wearing anything, are the ones that appear the most. The doll that looks as if an effort has been put into the outfit, is the one that shows up once.

I wanted to get peoples opinions on the catwalk, because I myself, am not fond of the feature, but the people I asked, either didn't know what I was talking about, or said they didn't vote for the outfits very often, if they even do.

If you wanna check it out,
here's where you have to go on your stardoll page. When you do, give me your thoughts.

( click to make bigger )- Maggie.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE This new Vollie dress. It's my favourite so far. Check it out:

It also looks rare to me.

What do you think?


I'm in the process of begging my parents to let me buy more stardollars but so far its a no.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Miss Spelling.

Seems as though stardoll has gone and made yet another mistake...Although this one happened a few years/months ago. Stardoll has a reputation for making mistakes...Here is one that I have seen recently...:

I'm pretty sure that is supose to say " Stardoll party skirt" Not " Satrdoll Party skirt"

If you find any other mistakes like this let me know! :]

- Melody.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Urgh. Stardoll has made me mad with yet another glitch. I am in a comp. for the club " TheElegance" and in the first round we have to save our favourite outfit in our album but everytime I try to save it, this happens:

As this happened to anyone else?

shopping mania !

There's so much happening in the starplaza right now, to me it's even a bit overwhelming.

1. Taking out the whole channel line = upsetting a lot of people.
2. Renovating the starplaza = confusion/ mixed opinions.
3. The constant problem with the clothing added = mixed opinions.

Sd-trends has already updated you with the problems happening with the channel line, and coming soon are things on the new renovation. But what I want to focus on is the clothing stardoll has been adding. These days, a lot of which consisting of clothing that had already been in the store, making it pointless for people to spend their superstar money collecting rares, considering that many of them make their way back to the starplaza. Though I have never been a superstar, I can understand the frusteration they must feel, to spend $40 on a dress, and for it to come back to the starplaza.

I, being a member since last year, know the old clothing, and know the new clothing, so I spent some time looking through the star-shops, seeing what "older" clothing has come back. What I noticed, is that the stuff that came back, aren't a) as cheap as they had been back in the day, or b) barely anything avaible to non-superstars.- Maggie ( love.maggie on sd )

Here's a sample of the stuff I found :

Snazzy Plazza.

Here are a few images of stardoll's NEW Starplazza:

I personally really like the new layout.

What'a bout` you?