Monday, November 3, 2008

Ways to attract attention

If you feel as if you're hidden from all the members on stardoll, I've found that these are some tips to attracting members :

1. appearence- clean look, something that makes it creative, has your personality in it.

2. profile page - don't use too many colours/fonts ( makes it confusing to readers) and make it short and sweet, save your autobiography for the friends.

3. suite- if you dont have the $$$ to make something extravegant and eye catching, try to at least fill up the space, and have a few outfits so everone can get to know your style.

4. Always try to give them something to remember you by.

5. These are all things that people see as soon as they come to your page, so make sure it's all neat, organized, and reveals a BIT of you. - Maggie.

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