Saturday, August 30, 2008

really our votes ?

So from time to time, I like to go on to the section of stardoll, where you get to vote for your favourite design. I try doing it as often as possible, I love knowing that I have a say, in who gets the opportunity to win such a great prize. But, I can't help but think, do people really vote this way ?

One of my favourite designers : MadMacMom, in my opinion, makes fantastic designs ( go to her stardoll page to check them out ) yet I haven't seen any of her designs on the top 5 recently. And then I see some of the previous winners and I see ;

1. a tank top with polka dots, and a folk sign on it.
2. a black dress with a flower.
3. a dress with hearts.
4. a pink sweater, with dots going into different directions.

* to get a look at these designs, go to the stardoll shortcut for vote for your favourite, and look at the top five, please note they add a new one daily, so you might not see the ones I've listed *

I don't know if its just me, but are people really voting for such a simplistic, very little level of difficutly piece of clothing? Maybe it is... but I've talked to users on stardoll about it, and they agree, so I've come to the conclusion, there might be some mix up with these votes going on here ?

New Shops? ♡

While browsing the search category in the shop I noticed two new "Stores".
This caught my I so I decided to click; Only to be let down because nothing comes up. :(
I'm assuming stardoll is preparing for two new shops in the starplaza and I'm super excited; what about you?

- Melody.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fancy A quiz? ♡

Okay; Is it just me or is this new? or has it been there this whole time? Check it out:

Has stardoll added quiz's for bored users?

Well when I saw it I seriously thought I might be dumb because I hadn't noticed it before but then I though seeing as they have re-done the magazine it could be new. I think it's pretty fancy that stardoll is adding some exciting new features. I myself have taken one of the quiz's and it wasn't horrible ( If you have patients.) If you haven't seen it I suggest you check it out. :)

For Comments:

1. Can you set me straight: New or old?

2. What's your favourite quiz there is?

3. Do you like them?

Tell me about it.

Lot's of love: Melody.♡

Meet Maggie

I'm Maggie, known as love.maggie on stardoll. I'll be working with Melody ( OoactingoO ) to make this magazine great for everyone to read. With the latest stardoll trends, news, and things you wouldn't spot just skimming. We include more then rude gossip about people that don't really interest you. This is the real magasine you wanna be at. sd-trends !

Some facts about me :

age : 15
country : canada
style : a mix of everything, and the way I feel

- Maggie. =]

Meet Melody♡

OoActingoO, Stardoll

Hey Everyone. :) Some of you may know me as the previous owner of "SD-Evolution" Well that's been demolished....So me and my writers are back and better. I love writing and hope to bring some interesting topics to SD-Trends. Just for record here's a bit about me:
Name: Melody♡
Age: 15 ( 16 September 14th)
Lives: Alberta; Canada.
Love's: Dancing; Friends; Her Ipod touch; && Stardoll.
Fashion style: What ever I feel like :-)

Thanks all & please stay tuned for lots more cool stuff.

( Cause' ya' know this is sooo cool) :P

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- Melody.