Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to the newly-redesigned SD-Trends!
The newly redefined blog on this site dedicated to the styles, fashions, trends & happenings of
We are starting off fresh with new posts, new writers, new layout and MUCH more!
SD-Trends is a one of a kind blog. Posts from around the stardoll globe will show up here for your reading pleasure.
We not only will feature some of stardoll’s greatest, but also some of stardoll’s undiscovered. Everyone deserves a new chance.
This club/blog will officially be holding competitions regularly. Possibly every month, so stay tuned.
The new SD-Trends will officially open on December 27 (hopefully).
We will plan a huge party for its re-opening.
All the more reason to get involved with SD-Trends.
So again, Please keep reading and following (Or follow us if you aren’t already) and give us the support.
Check back in a few weeks!
So, Happy Holiday’s everyone!
- SD-Trends Staff,
Melody, Tess & Bailey.

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em said...

kool, im looking 4ward 2 it!! :P