Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Melody♡

OoActingoO, Stardoll

Hey Everyone. :) Some of you may know me as the previous owner of "SD-Evolution" Well that's been demolished....So me and my writers are back and better. I love writing and hope to bring some interesting topics to SD-Trends. Just for record here's a bit about me:
Name: Melody♡
Age: 15 ( 16 September 14th)
Lives: Alberta; Canada.
Love's: Dancing; Friends; Her Ipod touch; && Stardoll.
Fashion style: What ever I feel like :-)

Thanks all & please stay tuned for lots more cool stuff.

( Cause' ya' know this is sooo cool) :P

Add me as a friend on stardoll User name: OoActingoO
- Melody.

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