Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recruiting. :)

Yes that is right, SD-trends is now Recruiting for two new writers! I'm looking for two stardollians who are trustworthy, Fun, Kind, have fantastic writing skills, and most importantly, are commited to the blog. :)

To be elagible for one of these two positions please fill out this form:

Stardoll username:
Favourite part of stardoll:
Are you committed?:
Any past expiriences in blogs:

Thank you all! Bye!


em said...

my stardoll name is mileyluver649

im 12

yes, im committed

my computer class did blogging in school

i luv this bolg!!

livy said...
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livy said...

Hi im Olivia! My stardoll is livs2277 im a a superstar im really good friends with pinkpolkadottie i would love to be a blog writer for this site! I love to graphic design and write! I have made presentations in german,french,italian,and about twilight. I think i would be a great blog writer for this site please contact me at my account livs2277 im on very very much mostly everyday. :D Thank you.

My stardoll name: (as you know) Livs2277

im 11 (im younge but im very good with working with blogs for my age)

yes, im verrrry committed

i have done blogging on here, both of my sites, at home, and i do writing at school thats similar to this.

I am in love with this blog!