Monday, September 22, 2008

Stunning Style Search 1, 2 & 3.

Hey; I decided to too some "Stunning Style Searching" whilst I was bored on stardoll. I happen to stride upon 3 fantastic outfits created by 3 super stylin' girls who all have their own style & wear it superbly. Arn't you just dying to see who? Well the wait is over!

Presenting my three choices for the first ever Stunning Style Search:

Number one is of course the well known Style_Magazine!

I am in absolute awe and am dazzled by her excelent way of layering these skirts & dresses.

Number two is none other than Serena.London!

It may look like a simple outfit but it's simplicity

is what makes it so delicious and delicet.

So stop and stare at this mind blowing combination.

Last but sertainly least is moarayne. This was an outfit I couldn't help but show everyone! I love the klash of the blacks, blues, Whites and pinks. The way the glasses' just make the blue print in the dress and the pants POP! is just extrodinary!

Thanks for reading my post and be sure to check out these Stunning Style Search Sweet Hearts. :]

- Melody


1) Which is your favourite?

2) Would you sport these styles?

3) Who do you think should be seen here?


Nat • tiatulip said...

I love Style_Magazine's outfit!!! It looks really beautiful. I'd definitely sport that outfit, but she might claim copyright! =D

SD-Trends said...

I must agree,
true fashionista's on stardoll. So much creativity.