Monday, September 1, 2008

meet meg

muhh names meg (: first time writer and also known as MEG_CATHERiN Ex3 on stardoll. Writing has been my forte since 2nd grade yeah i was voted best writer for two years straight (: so- yeah you know its gonna be good. and the lovelyy, melody and maggie are gonna make it even better!

here are some quick facts about yours truly:

age: 14 (freshman this year at muhh school!)
loves: music, jonas brothers, frands, soccer, tennis, neon colors, and sour gummy worms.
hates: spiders, heights, sushi, posers and fakes.
fashion: okay so im like a mix between selena gomez and- oprah. hah justkidding no im like selena gomez but i make it with a twist, like a kind of prep twist i guess. cause i love the way she makes things her own.
random fact: i have a doubble jointed thumb on my left hand (: i can put it behind my nuckles everyone thinks its gross but its so funny cause when i do it, there are like 6 other kids like trying to do it and they go: "look i did ittt!" and they really didnt even come close.

so yeah, be on the lookout! <3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">megggg.

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