Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amazing Creations

As i was browsing through Stardoll i saw Xlou26 outfit and I though it stood out. At first i was thinking, it was just a rare dress, so I clicked on it to see what it was and saw it was made out of curtains from the mini-shop. Xlou26 has managed to impress me again. I though I would share her creativity with the rest of Stardoll, since i enjoyed seeing it so much, hope you all feel the same.

Here are some other outfits from members on Stardoll i though I would share with you all.


Monroe... added a touch of color to a simple outfit to make it absolutley stunning. The touch of ruffles makes it stand out more, and the red shoes and belt tie it all together.


IIna.L0ves.Y0ux used some of my favorite colors together beige, yellow, and tan. These colors were blended perfectly together to make a gorgeous outfit suitable for anything.


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