Sunday, October 12, 2008

WTF Stardoll?!

Okay so I was going through my clothes trying to figure out what to wear when I noticed that my double C Chanel tank was ruined. Now I'm not saying that I spilt something on it cause that would be virtually impossible, but the famous Chanel double C signature was gone off the front of my shirt! Now these once adorable Chanel tanks, are just plain white tank tops with black stripes. What is going on stardoll? First it was the Chanel bags, then the perfume, then the belt and now the tank? I feel as though we need to make stardoll aware that they are making us mad by taking our gorgeous, virtual Chanel clothes and ruining them. It's a conpiracy!

1) Have you noticed these changes?
2) In your opinion, why is stardoll doing this?



SD-Trends said...

It ticks me off. I only bought the clothes because they were something differnt. That they were actually a decent brand.
Now they are plain, Pathetic, wastefull items.
I want a refund!


yasas10 said...

Ask for a refund.
I did, and got $6.

SD-Trends said...

- where do you ask ?
and I think its because channel didnt want stardoll selling their brand or something, so they had to take it off.

-Maggie (love.maggie)

SD-Trends said...
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SD-Trends said...

I'm so mad about this! Good idea to use a petition Mel!


SD-Trends said...

Hehe. Thanks.

I understand that they need the rights from CC but they sould of got them in the first place.