Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Style: Expressing your self through clothes or accsesories.

Grace: A faith, Unique and lovable. To move in a sweeping motion.

Friendly: Kind, Superb, Talkitive, Easily made a friend.


Stlye + Grace + Friendly = PHALEN!

Yes that is right, when you add Style, Grace, Friendship and MUCH more it all equals Phalen, Also known as technicolorgirl. I was first introduced to Phalen by Youlovelorie ( Lorie) I close friend of Phalens...In real life. And thank god she did! :] This sweet gorgous person has a fantastic yet unique style that belongs to her. Each day she suprises me with a stunning new outfit. Not only does she excel in fashion but she is the kindest person too. She always knows the right thing to say to brighten my day. Please, I beg of you, Visit her suite and drop her a comment, and a request. You will NOT regret it.

Some pics of the Ph-antastic Phalen:

<- Phalens DKNY Collection.
< - Two awesome outfits created by her.

From melody: I am so happy to have you as a SD friend. Im a so extatic to have you there. :]
Never change because everyone loves you the way you are! .
- Best wishes for life,

- Melody

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