Monday, October 13, 2008

shopping mania !

There's so much happening in the starplaza right now, to me it's even a bit overwhelming.

1. Taking out the whole channel line = upsetting a lot of people.
2. Renovating the starplaza = confusion/ mixed opinions.
3. The constant problem with the clothing added = mixed opinions.

Sd-trends has already updated you with the problems happening with the channel line, and coming soon are things on the new renovation. But what I want to focus on is the clothing stardoll has been adding. These days, a lot of which consisting of clothing that had already been in the store, making it pointless for people to spend their superstar money collecting rares, considering that many of them make their way back to the starplaza. Though I have never been a superstar, I can understand the frusteration they must feel, to spend $40 on a dress, and for it to come back to the starplaza.

I, being a member since last year, know the old clothing, and know the new clothing, so I spent some time looking through the star-shops, seeing what "older" clothing has come back. What I noticed, is that the stuff that came back, aren't a) as cheap as they had been back in the day, or b) barely anything avaible to non-superstars.- Maggie ( love.maggie on sd )

Here's a sample of the stuff I found :

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