Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free things? Or Free Bribes.

Hello everyone...I just thought I'd like to point out to some of the people who may not off gotten this message from stardoll....well mostly the non-superstars ( No offense ). But I think it is super awesome for stardoll to be giving us free dresses but it only makes me wonder if they are only doing it to encourage us to keep up our superstar membership, then it just becomes a nothing piece of clothing in your closet. ( Too some)

Enough chitter-chatter here are our choices:

I myself personally chose the orange one but after buying the last two I now own them all :]


1) Which would you pick?

2) Nice thought, or trying too hard?

- Melody

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The Party.Co Blog said...

Ok, I love them when i [was] superstar i chose the blue one, but i think stardoll really wants everyone to keep their memberhsip meaning they get [more money] in there pockets, but i personally will wait till a better [bribe] new dress comes out...

-Viola Audrey-
* The Party.Co *

btw, i ♥ the blog!