Thursday, October 30, 2008


There is now a new store in the star plaza. It is called Decades. It has some clothes from the 20's and 30's. They are from the dolls Coco Chanel, Decades, and Rosa Parks. I really like the new clothes, am a big fan of retro fashion. Hopefully they will come out with some 60's or 80's clothes soon. Most of the clothes are superstar but there is a few items and accessories you can get non-superstar. Make sure to check it out!

- Tess(Pinkpolkadottie)


BubbleBig said...

Problem is, the price is high :/

SD-Trends said...

That and they're mostly all SS. :(
The Pea coat is the exact replica of the DKNY Flannel Jacket.
The berret's match the DKNY's too.